1 Abutment connection

Precise closure of the abutment connection by the use of an octagon with press-fit.

The Dyna Octalock abutment connection is a combination of a pressfit octagon with a conical part realizing a perfect seal to the outside environment. Each abutment fits all implant designs and diameters and is connected by means of only one universal conical fixation screw for all crown and bridge applications. Fatigue tests proved that this design, even after more than 50 million cycles (10 x ISO norm) did not fracture.

The conical shape of the universal fixation screw prevents it from loosening and fracturing if tightened with 30 to 35Ncm. Due to friction forces, only a small amount of the applied torque will be transferred to the thread of the screw resulting in a considerable tension relaxation. This, in combination with the conical connection, makes it almost impossible to overload and break the screw during normal physiological use.



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