Albumin is an essential protein in the blood, one of the most prominent life-saving medications for patients with severe burns, in extremely serious condition. Albumin is essential because it triggers the action of bone marrow stem cells and osteablasts, while the antibacterial action reduces inflammation, reduces the risk of infections and relieves pain. With the help of albumin, the resorption of the implanted allograft and the construction of new bone go hand in hand. This parallel development is important, because if it starts to absorb allograft before the bone build-up starts, the area will not harden. Instead, fibrotic tissue will replace the bone. If resorption starts too late, islands of the allograft will remain in the bone during the bone formation, which can lead to stability problems in the future.


BoneAlbumin mixed with a drop of blood forms a malleable paste that is easily applied into the bone void. if necessary, it can be impacted or mixed with autograft bone stock.

The composition and structure of human bone allograft provides an optimal scaffold for the cells. The high local albumin concentration induces stem cell proliferation and differentiation.

The BoneAlbumin filler completely remodels into live bone tissue in time, however, the slow resorption insures that the void always remains filled with hard tissue during the process.

The newly formed bone results in a strong, weight-bearing skeletal tissue, which is optimal for supporting metal prosthetics and implants.


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