Nature is setting the benchmark with BONITmatrix

BONITmatrix consists of a mixture of the two calcium phosphates HA and ß-TCP in the clinical proven ratio of 60:40, embedded in a biological active silicon dioxide matrix. BONITmatrix is manufactured using a patented sol-gel procedure (DE 100 03 824) without sintering. Utilising this special low temperature process leads to a high interconnecting porosity inside the granules.

Through the negative Zeta-potential on the surface of the material, proteins (especially growth factors) are taken from the blood and immobilised on the material surface. Therefore nearly the complete surface is covered with autologous proteins and the material is not recognised as a foreign body.

BONITmatrix advantages at a glance

  • completely synthetic
  • high porosity
  • interconnecting pore system
  • accelerated initial bone regeneration
  • integration into the natural bone remodelling process
  • unhindered wound healing
  • CE0297 certified since 2003



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