Cendres + Métaux

The Cendres + Métaux products Dalbo-PLUS, Dalbo-Classic and Dalbo-B are part of «The Swiss Dalbo-System» which is an innovative concept comprising spherical male parts and female parts which can be combined to bring the optimal solution to a wide range of applications.


  • the lamellae retention insert is screwed into the housing to adjust it reliably and long-term
  • the retention can be adjusted to «low» or «high»
  • based on the proven, well known ball principle designed by Dr. Dalla Bona
  • perfect for implant-supported restorations


  • the epitome of ball and socket units
  • the ball of the male part permits a certain amount of freedom when placing this anchor
  • two types of female parts with identical heights available
  • based on the Dalbo®-B anchor designed by Dr. Dalla Bona


  • first ball anchor, proven one hundred thousand times
  • easy handling
  • usable rigidly or resiliently
  • removable, rigidly or resiliently retained restorations mounted on implantsand root caps

The Cendres + Métaux bar retained, removable restorations are among the most tried and tested forms of prosthetic treatment both experimentally and clinically and their relevance has increased due to advances in implantology.

Dolder system

  • proven on the basis of many years clinical experience
  • designed by Prof. Dr E. Dolder
  • implants, tooth-borne and tooth-tissue-borne restorations
  • extremely reliable stabilizing and splinting effect
  • available with resilient and non-resilient bars

Round bar

  • round-section bar can be adapted to suit conditions prevailing in the mouth
  • simple, proven system
  • 2 rider concepts
  • bar diameter 1.9mm


  • round-section bar can be adapted to suit conditions prevailing in the mouth
  • 2 rider concepts for space saving mounting
  • bar diameter 1.8mm


  • economical alternative to prefabricated metal bars
  • the retention force can easily be adjusted by exchanging the retention inserts
  • bar diameter 1.8mm

The Cendres + Métaux CM LOC anchor system offers the special advantage of a broad range of clinical applications thanks to its unique compensation function provided via the abutment. Thanks to the special system, deviations of up to 60° (± 30°) can be corrected, thus significantly reducing wear.


No central retention hole for better clinical functionality and increased waring comfort and ease of cleaning.

  • hygienic and functional
  • compact, round design with no sharp edges
  • easy to clean


Reduced wear and tear thanks to Pekkton and Elitor retention inserts.

Metal-free version Pekkton:

The female part housing made of high performance polymer with 4 retention inserts and 4 loading levels.

  • metal-free solution
  • gingiva-colored female part and excellent oral compatibility
  • easy-to-replace retention inserts
  • esthetic solution

Activatable version Elitor:

The titanium female part with activatable gold insert and 3 loading levels.

  • unique activation capacity and extremely strong hold
  • excellent oral compatibility
  • can be used as a tuning female part with heavily worn male parts
  • clinical evidence






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Thanks to the special system, deviations of up to 60º (± 30º) can be corrected, thus significantly reducing wear.

  • special divergence compensation function provided by the abutment:
    Increases patient and clinician satisfaction
  • covers a broad range of clinical applications: Reduces
    restrictions in terms of divergence compensation
  • enables easy setting of the prosthesis parallel to the direction
    of insertion: Less aftercare required



  • the metal-free lightweight solution
  • exhibits less wear compared to known materials
  • impresses with its low plaque affinity


  • has proven itself in its wear behavior. Thousands of
    dalbo restorations prove this
  • scores with high durability and biological compatibility
  • has proven itself clinically for several decades