1 Implant system

The Dyna Helix implant system combines all successful features in implantology

Root shaped with straight self tapping thread

The Dyna Helix implants are cylindrical screw type implants based on a root shape core and a straight self tapping thread. The special thread shape results in a combination of forces providing a mechanical fixation and load distribution. This will contribute to primary stability of the implant.


High primary stability in all bone qualities

The Dyna Helix Implant System gives you an option for use in one or two phase surgery. Excellent primary stability in all bone qualities will be achieved by the implant characteristics. It gives the option to be used in early or immediate loading indications.


Platform switching

The bone level implants have the platform switching concept. Insertion is performed without mounting device by means of a special octa driver.


ART roughened titanium surface

To realize the best mechanical and biological properties in combination with ideal surface treatment properties Dyna Helix implants are made in the medical Titanium grade 5 ELI.

Statistical analysis on the available research literature supports the evidence that the bone-implant interface dependents on surface roughness. A specific surface topography with a Ra value between 1 and 1.5μm provides an optimal surface for bone integration.

Biomechanical measurements show that the best results at the moment are realized with a micro/macro roughness varying between 4 and 16μm. Dyna Helix ART implants comply to the above mentioned characteristics by having a Ra value between 1.2 and 1.5 and a micro/macro roughness between 4 and 14 micron. These characteristics are realized by means of a blasting process with
different sizes HA particles. An acid etch washing process ensures a clean surface with an optimal morphology.



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