Dyna magnet system

The Dyna magnet system was the first revolutionary magnetic anchorage system on the market. And has been specially developed as a magnet attachment for retaining root prosthetics on natural abutment teeth or implants. Reduced dentition used to retain an overdenture is a main factor not only preventing, to a great extent, alveolar bone resorption but increasing the stabilisation of the denture as well. In this respect the load distribution is an important factor. Magnetically retained overdentures transfer no detrimental
lateral forces to those supporting element helping in maintaining a favourable clinical situation.

Therefore, the Dyna Magnet System (Direct) may be used on extremely compromised elements with mobility classification 2. Studies have shown that in 86% of magnet application in such cases the stability of the abutment teeth increases. Dyna Magnet System (Direct) by its simplicity and reliability offers both the dentist and the patient very firm and unique denture retention especially in compromised situations.

Dyna magnet system – since 1985


Retention of complete or partial overdentures in the maxilla or in the mandible.

  • also with elements with unfavourable prognosis
  • patients with manual dexterity deficiency because of the simplicity of positioning and hygiene
  • maxillo-facial prostheses
  • When using a keeper (Dyna Direct System) the elements must have a favourable inclination and
    the preparation should be placed above the gingiva level. In all other cases Dyna EFM alloy
    should be used to produce individual keeper (Dyna EFM alloy contains no toxic or allergenic



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