Extension level

The Extension Level Extension abutments can be used on implant level and in combination with special abutments, such as magnet and ball abutments as well as Gold and POM cylinders.

Also suitable for CADCAM bar contructions.


The abutments are available with or without a cover screw. The soft tissue can be left undisturbed for optimized healing. In the meantime for example a bar or other construction can be fabricated. The E.L. Extension abutments remain in position while the final abutment or construction will be placed. For the abutment with octa a regular closing screw is used, for the abutments without octa the Extension Level Cover screw.

For fixation of abutments on E.L. Extension abutments (82EL. and 89EL) two fixation screws with different lengths are available.



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