Jakobi – made in Germany

All Jakobi dental products are manufactured and checked by trained and experienced personnel, using state of the art machines and technologies. Only materials that meet the general requirements for medical devices and their own high level specifications are used.

Jakobi Dental collected the most used Dental Implantology instruments in an instruments kit for Dental Implantology and in a basic kit for Sinus Lift operations (http://dynadental.com/app/uploads/2019/03/JD-Flyer-Implantology-01-2019.pdf). Surgical instruments are a critical extension of an Oral Surgeon’s skill. All Jakobi surgical instruments are made from the finest surgical stainless steel and inspected to guarantee uncompromising quality and durability. 

Permanent product and system audits guarantee a continuously high level quality standard and are the basis for our further growth and development… (read more)