Multi Unit for multiple-unit, screw-retained restorations: bridges, bar overdentures and hybrids.

• a 1-day immediate loading solution for edentulism
• options for full arch on 4 or 6 implants
• provides restorative flexibility due to a wide range of components
• can provide optimal aesthetics due to precisionmilled Dyna CADCAM structures
• uses all fit all abutments in 0°, 17° and 30° with a Dyna Octalock connection for the angled abutments


Why Multi Unit

For a number of reasons, the ideal placement of an implant from a prosthetic perspective is not always feasible. Available bone, tissue biotypes, and the location of vital structures often prevent the ability to situate the implant in a strictly apical-coronal direction, or at similar gingival depths across an arch when multiple implants are being placed.

For partially or fully edentulous patients, these different depths and angles can lead to screw holes in the facial aspect of the final prosthesis. Dyna Multi Unit Abutments offer a powerful, componentbased protocol to standardize the necessary angle and level the prosthetic platform. Dyna Multi Unit Abutments are available in several collar heights (for the straight version) to achieve optimal platform height. Dyna Multi Unit Abutments of 17 and 30 degrees enable a laboratory to compensate for the Multi Unit abutment system divergence of seated implants and create a unified path of insertion for the final prosthesis – for example, in popular all-on-four or all-on-six treatment protocols. By utilizing Dyna Multi Unit Abutments that address the angle of the seated implant and the depth of each placement site, optimal esthetics are enabled.

An assortment of multi unit accessories further standardizes and simplifies the restorative process. Regardless of system, the ability to obtain a common restorative platform and harmonious path of insertion across multiple implants frees laboratories from the limitations imposed by divergent implant placement. It allows the dentist or dental surgeons to pursue the very best prostheses and
protocols that modern technology has to offer. Besides standard products a Dyna CADCAM Bar or Wrap Around Bridge also belongs to the possibilities.




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