Custom made devices, such as bars, abutments, implant bridges, designed either by the Dyna scancenter or by yourself and milled in high-quality materials.

Dolder Bar

Preci Horix Bar

Round Bar


Implant bridge Titanium

Implant bridge Pekkton

Bar available as Hybrid or wrap around

CE marked screws for custom made devices on Dyna Implants

CE marked screws for custom made devices on other implant systems

Crowns & Bridges cement retained in different materials

Crowns & Bridges screw retained in different materials

CADCAM constructions can be produced on almost each implant system. We have a reference list available of systems that are already fully implemented in our CADCAM system and if a fixation screw for the system is available or not.

Is the implant system you requested not mentioned in the list, please do not hesitate to contact us anyway. Dyna can implement the implant system on request.

For working with scans of the Trios mouth scanner, a file for implementation in the 3shape system has been made available here for use in combination with TiBase –> Dyna Helix Ti-Base file for Trios 3shape use


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