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Dyna Dental is exclusive distributor of the Launca DL-206 Oral Scanner.

Our experience shows that proper instruction in the use of an Oral Scanner is essential.
Only with a correct scan the correct output can be made. The Launca DL-206 is easy to use and cost efficient. We provide a clear instruction during the delivery, so you can get started right away! 

Another advantage is that you do not have to pay for a license fee, however you will always have the most recent updates!



Since 1984, Dyna Dental has been the market leader and manufacturer of Dutch high quality dental implants and related products. Also, Dyna Dental is the manufacturer of CADCAM superstructures. We are proud of that!

Dutch quality of both self-produced and distributed dental supplies makes us the partner for the dental profession in the Netherlands. An extensive international distribution network for our implantology portfolio also contributes to this.

Constant innovation, professional research and the continuous development of quality products ensure that Dyna Dental plays an important role in the future of all dental professionals. Dyna Dental is here to take your mind off things and is ready to help you.

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Featured / news

On July 8th 2021, A study below regarding survival rate and bone loss of Dyna Helix® implants (Dyna Dental Engineering B.V. Netherlands) was published in the International Journal of Implant Dentistry.

Result: A total of 295 patients were treated at dental practice DentalZorg, Zaandam between 2006 and 2015, with two, three and four Dyna Helix® implants with a mean follow-up period of 51.2 months. Cumulative survival rates in the 2 implant group, the 3 implant group, and the 4 implant group were 100%, 99.1% and 97.8% respectively, with a mean peri-implant bone loss of 0.53 mm, 0, 61mm and 0.40mm. Patient satisfaction was high in all groups!

We thank the authors Shebrina F. Abdoel, Stephanie S. Haagedoorn, Gerry M. Raghoebar and Henny J.A. Meijer, University of Groningen, The Netherlands for this research paper of which Dyna Dental is proud!



Good oral hygiene is of the utmost importance, both before and after the placement of implants. We recommend brushing with Implaclean® at least twice a day. Regular check-ups by a dentist and/or dental hygienist are also important.

The unique formula of Implaclean® implant toothpaste helps to speed up wound healing.
Implaclean® prevents inflammations and eliminates bacteria.
Normal toothpastes usually contain ingredients that damage an implant. An implant can be damaged by a high concentration of fluoride, abrasive ingredients and poor oral hygiene. The Implaclean® formula takes this into account, to ensure that the implant remains in optimal condition.