About us


Since 1984, Dyna Dental has been the market leader and manufacturer of Dutch high quality dental implants and related products. Also, Dyna Dental is the manufacturer of CADCAM superstructures. We are proud of that!

Dutch quality of both self-produced and distributed dental supplies makes us the partner for the dental profession in the Netherlands. An extensive international distribution network for our implantology portfolio also contributes to this.

Constant innovation, professional research and the continuous development of quality products ensure that Dyna Dental plays an important role in the future of all dental professionals. Dyna Dental is here to take your mind off things and is ready to help you.

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quality since 1984

Since 1984, Dyna Dental has been the market leader and manufacturer of Dutch high quality dental implants and related products. Also, Dyna Dental is the manufacturer of CADCAM supra-structures. We are proud of that!

Dyna Dental provides dental professionals with advanced and high quality dental solutions, focused on the well-being of patients, based on simplicity, treatment comfort and the highest standards of dental products.

Dyna Dental aims to be the total partner for all dental professionals through expansion and innovation in the fields of digital dentistry and prosthodontics. Dyna Dental will further optimize and expand the existing product portfolio in the field of implant treatments, pre- and post-operative care. This will allow Dyna Dental to profile itself as the partner for the dental and prosthodontic professional through the delivery of high quality, cost effective products.

Our four USP's

To make it as pleasant as possible for dental professionals and their customers, Dyna Dental has four USPs that all of our products meet:


  • one implant system with 3 designs
  • one conic connection
  • one instrument cassette


  • Dutch development and production
  • highly valued evidence-based products


  • on all implant systems
  • medical grade 5 ELI titan
  • CE marked fixation screws of all regular brands


  • market leader in Dutch implants since 1984
  • competitive pricing
  • excellent service

Fully certified

Implants are classified as Class II B products, abutments and screws are Class IIA. All these products must meet the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive (MDD 93/42 / EEC) and its standards. These include NEN-EN 1642 and NEN-EN-ISO 14801, which partially prove that all necessary requirements have been met.

All Dyna Dental products:

  • have fact-based claims
  • are subject to 100% quality controls
  • are scientifically based and clinically researched



Notified body and certification

The certification and inspection process is controlled by a so-called “notified body”. This is an institute that monitors compliance by companies with European directives. Three globally renowned notified bodies are active for manufacturers of dental products; DEKRA, BSI and Tüv Sud. These bodies ensure that the quality of the products meets the highest standards. DEKRA is the notified body that Dyna Dental Engineering B.V. certifies. DEKRA belongs to “The European Association for Medical Devices of Notified Bodies” and follows all necessary codes of conduct. 26 other notified bodies are also connected (www.team-nb.org).


Our Research & Development specialists, in collaboration with various dental professionals, are constantly developing high-quality dental products to enable new treatments and improve existing ones.



In addition to the quality pillars for our products, we also value a good relationship with our customers. Therefore, as a customer of Dyna Dental, you can count on a full-service treatment. This consists of:

  • regular visits from our staff
  • prompt handling of requests, questions and complaints
  • support in the development of back office
  • explanation of product information and technical knowledge 
  • training courses
  • protocols for surgical, prosthetic and laboratory 

Thanks to our global network, patients on every continent can be treated with Dyna Dental products if necessary. We also continue to support products that we no longer sell. Thus, patients who have been treated decades ago can always be helped.


The warranty on prosthetic components, crowns and all structures is 5 years. Provided that the patient has visited the specialist at least once a year – or as often as the specialist deems necessary – and the patient follows the specialist’s treatment plan. On all CADCAM products – including those made on third-party implants – we also offer a 5-year warranty. If an implant is lost after treatment*, Dyna Dental will provide a new implant free of charge and we will also provide the tools for that treatment.

Would you like to know more about our quality pillars, service or warranty? Then please contact one of our employees. They will be happy to tell you more about the unique qualities of Dyna Dental.

* You will find the warranty conditions under the heading customer service