Launca DL-206 Oral Scanner

Launca DL-206 Orale Scanner

Dyna is distributor of the Launca DL-206 intra-Oral Scanner. The scanner is a great addition for dental clinics and dental laboratories.

Why Launca DL-206?

The Launca DL-206 intra-Oral Scanner has a completely open system. You do not need to pay license fees, with the purchase of the scanner you get a free 36-month service with support and updates.

The scanner is calibrated automatically therefore, manual adjustments are not required.

For better scanning results and clear information about the tooth structure for professionals, the DL-206 has a new generation dual camera design. It provides a full 3D structure of everything in the field of view. Even hard-to-reach areas are displayed in perfect focus.

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By combining colour information with the detail and sharpness of the HD 3D image, the DL-206 can capture these 3D images in colour with highly accurate 3D scanning.


Finally, this intra-oral scanner provides high satisfaction for dentist and patient. This is due to the high scanning accuracy, the ease of use and the intelligent functionality.


Together with a mobile unit with touch screen, this oral scanner offers you a digital intuitive experience. The scanner is also lightweight what makes it easy to use in the mouth. This ensures that the professional is not unnecessarily burdened. 

Features Launca DL-206 Intra-Oral Scanner

  • The DL-206 is able to complete a scan of one arch within 1 minute, saving time for both the professional and the patients
  • The scanner has absolute accuracy
  • Best-fit algorithm from software Geomagic
  • Vivid colour visualization by a specialized RGB camera
  • High resolution images
  • 20 mm scanning depth ensures perfect sharpness and excellent precision

Klick here to see instructional video’s of the Launca DL-206 Intra-Orale Scanner

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Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. We can also provide a demo on location if that is what you wish for.

In combination with our Dyna Implants and other products a Launca Scanner wonderful addition to your clinic!

This year we also have a very attractive sales price for you, so it is the best time to start with the Launca DL-206!