PrimeLOC products

PrimeLOC products

Dyna is distributor of PrimeLOC products, these products provide more quality and flexibility in the manufacture of an overdenture.

The horizontal retention ridges ensure the required retention in the prosthesis.

The PrimeLOC retention rings are made of Nylon (Industry Standard Zytel).

When using PrimeLOC retentions, you can be certain of:

  • Constant quality
  • Functionality
  • High patient satisfaction

abutment kapjes

PrimeLOC abutments voor Dyna

The PrimeLOC abutments have retentive points on the inner and outer surfaces and they ensure that prostheses remain securely attached.

These abutments have a fully compatible ceramic coating (physical vapor deposition). These abutments also have a high hardness layer of zirconium-carbon nitride (ZrCN), which provides high abrasion and wear resistance. The rose gold colouring of the abutment matches the gingiva.

Zirconia surfaces have the advantage of being less attractive to plaque than, for example, titanium surfaces. This means that inflammatory reactions of the soft tissue can be avoided to a great extent.

PrimeLOC Abutments for Dyna

PrimeLOC Abutments

The abutment is available in heights 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 mm and is made out of one piece. The abutment can be screwed in using the Dyna Hex driver, a tool from PrimeLOC or Zest (tri-lobe driver). 

PrimeLOC Abutments

PrimeLOC Angled Abutments 18° for Dyna

PrimeLOC Abutments

The abutment is available in height 1 and 3 mm and has an angle of 180. The screw is a Dyna hexagon and can be screwed in with the Dyna Hex driver. 

PrimeLOC Abutments