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Surgical Guides by 2INGIS®

Simplicity and highest precision in your hand

Surgical Guides for dental applications

2INGIS® is an innovative company that designs and produces surgical guides for dental applications. Its diversified team combines medical know-how, expertise and passion.

What does the 2INGIS® guide solve?

  • sterilisation at135°C
  • complete vision
  • allows anesthesia
  • allows irrigation
  • allows invasive surgery
  • allows placing of bonegraft materials
  • allows to work with all types of implants
  • drill guide + prosthetic positioner
  • no contact with the surgical dental guide
  • for extremely small mouth openings

What does the 2INGIS® guide solve?

  • can be fully sterilised at 135°C
  • has the only open structure, that allows a complete vision of the implant area
  • works with all surgical standard drills ,reamers, expanders, condensors, osteotomes, implant drivers. All surgical techniques can be used without guide contact, avoiding all forms of contamination
  • its special design allows tools to be used and implants to be placed in extremely small mouth openings (at least 25mm space saving) as well as in reduced interdental spaces

Two 2INGIS leg types for Dyna_W&H are available:

ZG550CM (short legs)

ZG551CM (long legs)

The only guide

  • that allows anesthesia of the implant site without removing the guide
  • that allows irrigation of the implant site
  • that allows flapless and flap-invasive surgery without removing the guide
  • that allows placing of bonegraft materials without removing the guide
  • that allows to working with all implant brand types or implant designs by using standard drills
  • that allows to get in 1 guide, the drill guide as well as the prosthetic positioner for immediate loading

Full workflow

From X-ray (DICOM) analysis, STL data and DICOM STL segmentations to implant planning through an individual 2INGIS® Guide the instruments are used and implants are placed in a precise, secure and predictable way.

1. Dental impression

3D impressions are accepted and need radio-opaque references

3. Pre-implant planning

DICOM data will be integrated into the planning software to do the best analysis for the patient’s treatment

5. Surgical Guide Protocol

Every planning is controlled by 2INGIS®. De 2INGIS® Guide is a patient’s individual surgical guide device, 3D printed in metal or resin. The 2INGIS® Guide is delivered with a dedicated surgical protocol


In the case of full digital workflow, the CBCT needs to be realized with non-occlusal contact with the patient. Also, the tongue or cheeks need to be put a distance from the teeth

4. 3D Scan and integration

Reference Scan, Model Scan, Set up Scan. 2INGIS® can also produce DICOM and STL segementations that can be integrated into the planning software to visualise teeth extraction, alveolar analysis and providing better surgical procedures

6. Surgery

Surgery is performed step by step following the surgical protocol. Special tools or technics can always be prepared in the planning and used in the surgery. The 2INGIS® experts can assist the surgeons with the planning or during the surgery