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5 Year Guarantee

Dyna Abutments attached to an implant

Replacement with equivalent abutment(*)

Dyna CADCAM mesostructures (also on other implantsystems)

Replacement with equivalent CADCAM mesostructures based on original scan(*)(**)

Dyna accessories, including tooling and attachments.

Replacement with equivalent product

Lifetime Guarantee

Dyna Helix® Implants

Replacement with equivalent implant and equivalent abutment, if finalized.

(*) Excluding retentive products such as ball anchors, CADCAM constructions and LOCATOR® which have natural wear. (LOCATOR® is a trademark of Zest Anchor LLC)

(**) For CADCAM mesostructures produced by Dyna on other implantsystems of other manufacturers, Dyna will also replace a failed implant with a new Dyna Helix Implant within a period of 5 years, on condition that the failure falls within the original guarantee of that manufacturer.

Please check the complete version of the “General terms of guarantee (.pdf)” and the “Guarantee requestform (.pdf)

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