Original Dyna® pre-milled abutment blanks for Dyna Helix® implants are used by the dental laboratory as a raw material for CAM fabrication of individually designed abutments. The blanks enable dental technicians to produce custom-made one-piece titanium abutments in their own lab without compromising the quality of the connection and performance of the restoration.

The blanks have an original milled Dyna Octalock connection manufactured to the exact tolerances, ensuring the best reliable fit from implant to restoration.

  • Abutment blank 81BL can be used on Dyna Helix DC and ST and Dyna Octalock implants, which are all equipped with the Octalock connection.
  • Abutment blank 83BL is specially designed for Dyna Helix TM implants and realizes the connection with the outer diameter of the collar.

The blanks can be used in combination with the Medentika PreFace® abutment holder.

PreFace® abutment holders are now available for the following machine manufacturers:

imes-icore® / Datron D5® / Wissner Gamma 202® / Röders RXD® / Dental Concept DC1 / DC5® / MB Maschinen Cobra Mill® / vhf camfacture AG® / Primacon PFM 24 mediMill / R + K / Sirona inLab MC X5.

The PreFace abutment holders must be ordered directly from the machine manufacturer.