Digital denture

Digitale prothese

Dyna Dental, in collaboration with Ivoclar Vivadent, sets new industry standards for the digital production of restorations in the dental laboratory. Our machines can process a variety of materials wet and dry and are suitable for almost all indications. The high dynamics and efficiency of the machines result in precise and fast production results of exceptionally high quality.

Dyna offers a comprehensive range of CADCAM products for the dental professional, such as aesthetic and ultra modern materials for fixed dentures, removable dentures and process support within your organization.

Advantages of the Dyna Dental Digiprosthesis:

  • produced according to MDR guidelines
  • no time consuming steps required, such as casting, framing and modelling, embedding, spalling, spalling out elements, replacing elements, blocking out, polymerizing etc.
  • re-occluding no longer required
  • cost-effective, time-saving, predictable aesthetic treatment results
  • significantly less residual monomers
  • reproducible results from initial planning through immediate and final definitive prosthesis
  • possibility to preview the restoration for the patient before the product is made
  • mechanically stable, aesthetic restorations with very high accuracy
  • possibility of conventional rebasing or repair no investments needed
  • no ongoing costs such as tooling, maintenance, annually recurring license fees and software updates
  • no additional knowledge required regarding CAM (production)
  • CE certified material

Your options

Dyna Dental only works with quality and reputable companies to manufacture our products. As a result, we offer a future-oriented high-quality solution for precise, efficient and automated production of dental restorations. We mill with CADCAM discs and blocks from glass ceramic, zirconium oxide, PMMA, CoCr, titanium Grade 5 ELI, wax and composite.

Dyna dentures are made using Ivotion monolithic discs, specially designed for the high-quality and efficient digital production of complete removable dentures.

Ivotion Bicolor

The disc provides a predictable and monolithic milling solution where only one two-color disc can be used for both teeth and mucosa. This design has the potential to change the world of digital dentistry. The go-to disc for a standard denture.

The unique shell geometry is located in the ivotion disc.

The shell geometry is a data-based, three-dimensional dental and dental arch structure designed for fabricating upper and lower dentures. With this innovative technology, custom-made full dentures can be milled in one operation.
A state-of-the-art manufacturing process produces a tight chemical bond between the two materials to produce a smooth transition and a stress-free monolithic disc.

Ivotion Base

High Impact High Impact PMMA Double Crossed Linked discs (DCL) material is known to be highly fracture resistant, with a durable and homogeneous quality, without porosity, residual monomer or air bubbles.

Ivotion Dent and Dent Multi

Ivotion Dent
Individual teeth and dental arches are milled from these High Impact PMMA Double Crossed Linked Discs (DCL) tooth material. The material has a translucent shade and natural fluorescence. The teeth are milled in one piece and, if desired, the design can be adapted to your own wishes.

Ivotion Dent Multi
The Ivotion Dent Multi layer discs have the innovative multichromatic Pearl Structure Effect. This ensures a harmonious gradient of the color within the disc, giving the denture a very nice finish aesthetically. These discs are also made of High Impact PMMA Double Crossed Linked discs (DCL) material.



Various workflows for both the standard and immediate prosthesis are available, making it even clearer how much time can be saved. Request this via the form on the right or contact sales at number 0164-271080.

Fitting prosthesis

Dyna Dental’s dentures are printed using NextDent’s CE-marked materials. Biocompatible and extremely suitable for producing a denture which consists of a base plate and dental arch. The bite registration and occlusion can be checked very accurately in this way.


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