Screw-retained constructions

Screw-retained constructions

Dyna supplies precisely manufactured CADCAM products

  • precision work
  • biocompatible Titanium Grade 5 ELI
  • a tension-free fit
  • a durable and strong product
  • manufactured in the Netherlands

Dyna Dental Engineering, as an implant manufacturer, combines advanced technology with a high degree of craftsmanship. The Dyna scan centre employees are experienced in designing and milling your workpieces. They therefore strive to deliver a quality product. You have the choice of making an individual design for your patient yourself by purchasing a scanner, scanning and design software or outsourcing this entirely or partially to the Dyna scan center. The design software is prepared for the design of CAD CAM structures for the most common implant brands *. These can be supplied including CE-marked fixation screws. In combination with a CAD CAM bar, corresponding Cendres + Métaux riders can also be supplied. All common shapes such as EI, U and Preci Horix are available.


At the moment, the mouth scanner is increasingly being used to replace the traditional impression. A mouth scan is in many cases more precise than the traditional impression method.

The Dyna scan center can process output of scans with open STL files and uses 3Shape. Designs can be exchanged via the 3Shape portal.

Implant systems

CADCAM constructs can be produced on almost any implant system. We have a reference list available that is fully implemented in our CADCAM system, in this way it can be checked whether a fixation screw is available for the system.

If the implant system you have requested is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. Dyna can implement the implant system on request.