scientific studies


1989 H.W. Denissen et al Implantaten met plasmaspray-coatings van hydroxylapatiet (Dyna push-in) 

1993 Herman M.A.M. Keltjens et al – Distal Extension Removable Partial Dentures Supported by Implants (Dyna) 

2006 B. Hooshmand et al – Clinical evaluation of immediate implantation with biologic membrane after tooth extraction 2006


2011 M. Elsyad et al – Implant-Supported Versus Implant-Retained Distal Extension Mandibular Partial Overdentures (Dyna)

2011 Nancy H.M. Fayek Peri-ImplantTissueHealth Evaluation of Immediattely Loaded Implants with bilateral prefabricated bar(Dyna)

2012 Ehab A. Elsaih et al – Early progressive verus delayed loading of two implants retained mandibular overdentures (Dyna)

2012 Ehab A. Elsaih et al – Radiographic evaluation of peri-implant bone changes in smokers and non smokers (Dyna)

2012 S.T. Vlaar – Comparative finite element stress analysis of implants (With abutment Dyna)

2013 M. Fouad et al –  Three_Design_Concepts_of_4_Implants_Assisted mandibular Complete overdentures Implant mobility and marginal Bone loss (Dyna)

2015 M.M. Amer et al- Stress distribution of implant retained obturators using different types of attachments (Dyna implant)

2017 R. Masa et al – titanium-and-its-alloys-in-dental-implantology (Dyna)

2017 T. Nogueira – Mandibular complete denture versus single-implant (Dyna)

2020 B. Albayrak et al – Three-dimensioal Accuracy of conventional versus digital complete arch implant impressions (Dyna)

2021 A. Tabassum et al – Combined-effect-of-undersized-surgical-technique-and-axial-c_2021_The-Saudi- (Dyna)

2021 Shebrina F. Abdoel et al – Implant-supported mandibular overdentures: a retrospective case series study in a daily dental practice (Dyna)

2021 H. Barikani et al – Survival of Dyna Implants A Retrospective Study (Dyna)

2020 E. Canciani et al – Implant Surfaces Exposed to the Oral Cavity and Treated with Toothpaste containing Oxygen Releasing Compound (Dyna)

1990 Denissen et al – Mandibular bone response to plasma-sprayed coatings of hydroxyapatite

1993 H. Hiller et al – The safety of (Dyna) dental mini magnets in patients (Dyna)

1993 J.A. Jansen et al – Histologic investigation (Dyna implant)

2002 Ahmed S. Assad et al – Comparison_Between_Mainly_Mucosa_Supported_and combined mucosa implant

2002 L.L. Visch et al A-clinical-evaluation-of- implants-in-irradiated-oral-cancer-patients (Dyna)

2004 F.M.C. van Kampen et al – Masticatory Function with Implant-supported Overdentures (Dyna)

2007 Mohamed A. Abd El-Dayem et al – The_Effect_of_Different_Mandibular_Dentures_on. antagonistic Maxillary ridge (Dyna)

2007 sayed ABD AL-Handy Mahmoud Mogahed – IA Bar Article complete (Dyna)

2009 G. Schouten- Effects of implant geometry (Dyna)

2009 Mohamed A. Abd El-Dayem et al – Comparison_of_Prefabricated_and_Custom_Made_Bars (Dyna)

2010 A. Tabassum et al – Biological limits of the undersized surgical technique a study in goats (Dyna)

2010 C. Schouten et al – In vivo bone response and mechanical evaluation of electrosprayed CaP nanoparticle coatings with Dyna implants

2010 Ehab A. M. ELSaih et al – Implant_Supported_Versus_Retained_Mandibular distal extension romavable partial overdenture with Dyna Helix implants

2010 G. Schouten et al – A novel implantation model (Dyna)

2011 H.Akin et al – Evaluation of the attractive force of different types of new generation magnetic attachment systems (Dyna)

2013 Nesreen El-Mekawy et al – Scanning Electron Microscopy observations of osseointegration failures of dental implants (Dyna)

2014 Tabassum et al – Evaluation of primary and secondary stability of Dyna helix implants

2017 S.Z. Ülkü et al – Clinical Evaluation of Complications in Implant-Supported Dentures_ A 4-Year Retrospective Study (Dyna)

2018 Khaled K. El-Din et al – Egyptian Dental Journal Effect of magnetic Attachment Flux (Dyna)

2021 M.Gibreel et al Flexural Strength and Flexural Modules of Fiber-Reinforced, soft liner-retained implant overdenture (Dyna)

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