Frequently asked questions

Please check if you have the latest, smaller, hex driver. This has been adjusted according to the width of the fixation screw. If the screw fits the hole of the crown, the hex driver should fit as well.

Mechanical damage of latch-head instruments can occur above a torque of 50Ncm. Then use a T.W. instrument/driver in combination with the torque wrench in combination with the rotor bit 4x4mm square.

Different options are available. Check the instructions in the separate enclosure.
Method 1 is to place an instrument with a very narrow point between the broken screwpart and the internal thread of the implant. Try to move the instrument’s point anti-clockwise and see if the screw loosens and can be removed.

The logo on the magnet needs to be in the acrylic, so won’t be visible after finishing the denture. Please take care not to damage the magnet! Most steel drills are attracted by magnets, so use only drills that are not susceptible to magnetism when finishing and polishing the denture.

Or look for more information in the downloads section