Dyna Helix ST

Dyna Helix ST Implant

A two phase bone level implant with one phase surgical option

  • ideally suited for in the mandible type I and II bone
  • no compression zone
  • platform switching
  • sharp cutting lower edge

The design

The Dyna Helix ST implant is a dual cylinder screw designed to give secure mechanical fixation and load distribution in most clinical situations. It is a two-stage, screw type implant that can be used in one-stage surgery if the criteria for one stage surgery are met. It achieves sufficient primary stability and guarantees safe and a-traumatic insertion. The Dyna Helix ST implant is based on root form core with self tapping thread up to the neck of the implant.

Because of the sharp self cutting lower edge of the implant the positioning in height during insertion is easier to manipulate. Pre tapping is necessary when, especially in the cortical bone exists the risk of overheating or creating too much stress in the surrounding area. The lower part of the treads are desgned more horizontally. Becuase of this design the axial forces are transferred more vertically to the alveolar bone.

The absence of the compression zone at the upper part of the implant facilitates surgery for type I or II bone (as defined by Lekholm and Zarb). Based on the new principles to prevent bone resorption the implants are treated with the ART surface.

The biological width principle is respected by means of the V-shape connection to the abutment coined as platform switching. To increase soft tissue connection this part is acid etched. Only a two tenth of a millimetre machined polished collar gives a smooth transition to the abutment. The use of several implant diamters and all-fit abutments gives an ideal combination of simplicity and reliability.

The system

The Dyna Helix Implant system combines the successful features in Implantology

  • root shaped with straight self tapping thread
  • high primary stability in all bone qualities
  • early or immediate loading option
  • platform switching
  • ART roughened titanium surface

The special thread shape results in a combination of forces providing a mechanical fixation and load distribution. This will contribute to primary stability of the implant.

The Dyna Helix Implant System gives you an option for use in one or two phase surgery. Excellent primary stability in all bone qualities will be achieved by the implant characteristics. It gives the option to be used in standard, early or immediate loading indications.

The bone level implants have the platform switching concept. Insertion is performed without mounting device by means of a special octa driver.

To realize the best mechanical and biological properties in combination with ideal surface treatment properties Dyna Helix implants are made in the medical Titanium grade 5 ELI.

Statistical analysis on the available research literature supports the evidence that the bone-implant interface dependents on surface roughness. A specific surface topography with a Ra value between 1 and 1.5μm provides an optimal surface for bone integration.

Biomechanical measurements show that the best results at the moment are realized with a micro/macro roughness varying between 4 and 16μm. Dyna Helix ART implants comply to the above mentioned characteristics by having a Ra value between 1.2 and 1.5 and a micro/macro roughness between 4 and 14 micron. These characteristics are realized by means of a blasting process with different sizes HA particles. An acid etch washing process ensures a clean surface with an optimal morphology.

1 conical abutment connection

Precise closure of the abutment connection by the use of an octagon with press-fit

  • press fit internal octagon
  • conical abutment connection
  • one universal crown and bridge conical fixation screw
  • each abutment fits all implant designs & diameters

Fatigue tests proved that this design, even after more than 50 million cycles (10 x ISO norm) did not fracture. The conical shape of the universal fixation screw prevents it from loosening and fracturing if tightened with 30 to 35Ncm. Due to friction forces, only a small amount of the applied torque will be transferred to the thread of the screw resulting in a considerable tension relaxation. This, in combination with the conical connection, makes it almost impossible to overload and break the screw during normal physiological use.

1 instrument cassette

The standard Dyna Helix instrument cassette is used for all Dyna Helix implants. So during operation it is possible to choose the type of implant without opening other instrument cassettes.