Manuals Launca

Basic course for IOS

Introducing the management software
Introducing the scan software
How to start scanning
Scan Strategy – Quadrant
Scan strategy – full arch
Scan Strategy – Occlusion
Scan strategy – Anterior teeth
Scan Strategie – Posterior teeth
Scan Strategy – Posterior teeth 
Basistool – HD photo & erase
Basistool – Rescan
Basistool – Exchange & fill
Basistool – Undercut & Margin line
Basistool – Flip
Scan workflow- Upper Denture
Scan workflow – Lower denture
Scan workflow- Occlusion

Advanced course for IOS

Scanstrategy – Implant scan
Scan workflow – Preparation
Scanstrategie – Full denture
Impact of salivation
Tip – Sterilization process
Scanning distance 

Trouble Shooting

Real-time soft tissue removal
Overlap solution
Scan interruption and recovery
Tonque and soft tissue separation
Influencing factors of full arch scan time
Scan data quality judgement
Replace the camera Fan
Guide of software installation