Implant Level

Implant Level

The Dyna Helix all fit all abutment system consists of abutments for removable structures and fixed options such as crowns and bridges on Dyna Helix / Dyna Octalock implants, cemented or screwed. One abutment fits all implants for optimal usability. The outstanding characteristic of the Dyna Octalock® connection prevents loosening of the fixation screw, micro leakage and ensure reliable impression technique.

500x500 prosth implanttlevel fixed

Several abutment systems for cementable as wel as screwable fixed prosthetics are available. Optimal aesthetics can easily be achieved by individualising different abutments

500x500 prosth implanttlevel removable

Different types of overdenture solutions are available. The choice depends to great extent on the particular situation and on the dentist’s preferences as well as the indications of the particular attachment.

500x500 prosth implanttlevel

To guarantee an optimal impression at implant level when using open or closed tray technique several products are available. For a transfer of the intra oral situation to the model in the laboratory several implant analogues are available.