Diameter 5.0

Prosthetic components for Ø 5.0

Prosthetic components for the Dyna push-in implants with a screw connection without anti-rotation

  • simplicity
  • diameter related
  • colour coding
  • for overdentures as well as crown and bridge constructions

The Dyna push-in implant is an HA coated full titanium cylinder with reversed screw designed to give secure mechanical fixation and load distribution.  It is two a stage, push-in type implant. This implant has been on the market until 2002.

Implants and abutments are colour coded

  • Ø 3.0   no colour
  • Ø 3.6   magenta
  • Ø 4.0   blue
  • Ø 5.0   yellow

For diameter 5.0 only the option to produce a CADCAM bar, abutment or screw-retained construction is available.

500x500 screwretained