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New! BoneAlbumin, bone graft obtained from a living donor

In clinical applications there is a constant need for human bone substitutes. After numerous attempts worldwide to make these, the risk of early resportion was always high. The best solution to this difficult problem is the albumine coating technique which is made of human bone graft, obtained from a living donor.


By Bram Houg on December 28, 2017

VIT Event 2018, save the date!

By Bram Houg on December 28, 2017

In June 2018 you can find Dyna Dental on the European Federation of Periodontology in Amsterdam. We hope to see you there!

NVM lustrumcongress 2017
By Bram Houg on August 7, 2017

You can find Dyna Dental this year (2017) at the lustrumcongress of Dutch hygienists.

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Dyna Dental is one of the most innovative companies in the implant industry since 1984. The dental products of high-end dutch quality makes Dyna Dental thé partner for the professional and patient in the dental sector.

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